Boku ga Otto ni Deau made

Alt title: Until I Meet My Husband

Vol: 1; Ch: 12
4.57 out of 5 from 102 votes
Rank #60
Boku ga Otto ni Deau made

Tells the true story of Ryousuke Nanasaki, a Japanese gay activist. It follows his life starting from his childhood up to his marriage to his husband.

Source: MU

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This manga really gave me mixed feelings in each chapters. This is just too beautiful. Maybe you already know this but this manga's story is based on a autobiography of "Ryousuke Nanasaki". Maybe bcs it's based on another person's life, this manga really gave an "intimate" feeling. I meant that you can really feel what Ryousuke is feeling, and ofc some chapters can make u ugly cry ;-; .But im a lil bit dissapointed that this manga only covers some "important parts", that means it skipped over some parts of the essay... But i know it'll be hard for a "manga" to cover a whole essay, just imagine how many pages it'll take... huft. But nonetheless, i really love the way Ryousuke Nanasaki told his story from his perspective without covering too much (except the names ofc). His courage of "telling the whole truth" needs to be recognized. The art.. ugh.. all i can say is.. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. And the mangaka really "captured" the emotions in their drawings.. and dont forget about the backgrounds, and all of the extras, they're drawn super beautifully. I'm really thankful for them to pick up the essay into a manga... ;-; Just as i said before, this manga didnt fully cover all of the essay, and you can say that some characters are just shown at a glance... And some characters are not shown at all.. ;-;. But for the characters that are shown multiple times, the mangaka really did a good job of drawing them. And they're super memorable too ;-;. Should you read this? Yes! Or maybe you can read the original essay too! It doesnt matter really, YOU NEED TO READ THIS STORY. I really hope that this book will help more people in the future. And with time, people all over the world will gradually accept the differences in sexuality. At the end, we're all humans that deserves to be accepted no matter who we are by other people - and especially, ourselves.

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