Boku ga Otouto to Nakayoku Naru Houhou

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Boku ga Otouto to Nakayoku Naru Houhou

Haruki used to be close with his younger brother Yuuki when they were younger, but they've since drifted apart. Haruki wants to use the chance of being alone with Yuuki to get on better terms with him, leading him to discover Yuuki's particular tastes.

Source: MU

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deadwoodday May 28, 2019
Score 4/10

Little to no spoilers

Backstory: I didn't read the rest of the tags or the summary. I just cruising the crossdressing tag and wanted to read it because I like the picture. Incest isn't okay though, but thankfully it's mostly subtext. The characters are sweet when you put aside the blatant attraction they have for each other, the older one just wants to get closer to his younger brother and the... read more


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