One Shot
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Kai Hokazono hails from a small town filled with special agents, bodyguards and mercenaries who will complete the most dangerous jobs around.  But five years ago, Kai's luck ran out when he was captured by the enemy and turned into an experimental cyborg, complete with curry blasters on his arms. Now, a shadow from Kai's past has emerged, wanting revenge on the boy and stopping at nothing to achieve his sinister goal...

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mangaislife Dec 21, 2010
Score 7.5/10

Story: An interesting, original story of a terrorist organization and their prey. Art: It's Yusuke Murata, it's fantastic. Characters: Well, they're not Eyeshield 21-level characters, but they are mostly well thought out, interesting characters. Pacing: It's a bit speedy at times or infodumpy at others, but it's not bad. Humor: Not hysterical, but reaches moments of hilarity. Action: Well drawn, concise... read more



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