Blunder Turned Wonder

Ch: 69
2018 - 2019
4.244 out of 5 from 241 votes
Rank #4,604
Blunder Turned Wonder

Minkyu’s heart is pounding in his ears as he waits for Jung-yun, his dream girl, up on the roof of the school. Today, he got her number off the class contact list and finally mustered up the courage to text her. Now all he has to do is ask her out. Minkyu hears the door creak. Too embarrassed to look her in the eye, he blurts out his feelings for her and pops the question. “Okay,” a guy who is definitely not Jung-yun answers. Startled, Minkyu turns around to find Jung-hyun with an "h" blushing in front of him. Wait, wait, waaaait... Did he just ask out a dude? And did the dude just say yes? Does that mean he now has a 192 cm-tall, curtain-haired boyfriend? What the heck is going on?!

Source: Lezhin

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Chapter 1

My name is Minkyu.

Chapter 2

The End of the World

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This story definitely deserves a review!  Story: the story is in the genre of slice of life, comedy, school life and romance (Boys love) . The story revolves about Minkyu who accidently confesses to a guy who agrees and so the story is on!  These two are the ones we follow most of the time while we Also follow minkyus three friends (though one of them doesnt get much paneltime haha) and in time another couple is also on the rise. The story follows certain arcs but is also full of everyday moments which I think gives a Nice balance so that its not all drama. It is never dramatic to the point of being annoying and it is not boring either. It is really funny and sweet as well and I was personally satisfied with the ending though I would looove to se extras about their future lives (': Art: it took some time for me to get used to the artstyle. The art is actually great and you can tell the artist is talentented and the color are great, but I guess the style might not be for everyone. I did get used to it though and actually ended up appreciating it and it will definitely be something I will think of as an element that is just how it should be for this story. Characters: short story: I love the characters. They all have different personalities and though some of them are really simple I don't feel like they are one dimensional still. I wanted to know more about everyone of them and I cared a lot for all of them. I feel like one of the guys was a bit neglected (poor baby) and I wish we had seen more of him as well. I think it is great when a story makes you feel like you want to see more of the characters! All in all: it was so much better than I expected and I actually got sad when I got near the ending because I could just have the story go on for much longer and not get tired! But I guess the author has other stuff to do haha. Really, read it, it is good ❤️

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