Bloody Kiss

Vol: 2; Ch: 6
2005 - 2007
3.66 out of 5 from 1,413 votes
Rank #20,857
Bloody Kiss

Kiyo Katsuragi has just arrived at a special mansion in a remote area of the mountains. Said to be haunted, it has been bequeathed to her by a late grandmother who she has never met. While she originally intended to demolish the house and sell the land to pay for college, Kiyo soon changes her mind after meeting the building's live-in tenants: Kuroboshi-sama and his servant Alushu - two vampires! As if dealing with two supernatural beings isn't strange enough, Kiyo soon finds herself deemed to be Kuroboshi's 'bride'. Now, in addition to working towards her dream of becoming a lawyer, Kiyo must handle Kuroboshi's overprotective nature and advances to drink her blood, while also coming to terms with her feelings for her new companion!

Extra story: Kyuuketsuki ni Onegai (volume 2)

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