Blood of the Sun

Alt titles: Sun's Blood, Taeyang-ui Pi

Ch: 62
2019 - 2020
3.525 out of 5 from 344 votes
Rank #28,500
Blood of the Sun

“Every night, when the bell strikes 13 times, he comes to me…” Father Gabriel has lived with the guilt that he was responsible for the death of his friend, Saliou. One day, Albertini, a mysterious philanthropist with a cold, magnetic gaze, offers him salvation. In return, Gabriel must offer himself—his body, his blood, his very soul—to satisfy Albertini’s vampiric lust. Lost in this temptation, Gabriel reunites with Saliou, who has his own dark secrets... as a werewolf during the full moon.

Source: Tapas

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Groundbreaking Korean manhwa!  The story features a strong, relevent, NON-STEREOTYPICAL protagonist of African descent in the character of Saliou.  As the plot developes, the manhwa goes on to illustrate what may also be the first truly consensual and monogamous interracial male homosexual relationship in Korean manhwa.  The plot itself is your standard vampire, supernatural entity(s)/human love triangle but it features a vivid band of characters, plot twists and side stories to maintain a narrative that is quite captivating.  The art is also very attractive and quite pleasant to view.  The illustrator makes use of heavy contour lines and predominantly flat plains of mostly warm colors layered to give the illusion of a vast array of textures.  The finished product is exceedingly beautiful with a distinct Bramble Bush feel.  Alas, as of today (12/17/2020) the manhwa seems to be suspended in a state of limbo as the story ended abruptly with a cliff hanger back in July and has yet to update.  My advice to the author/illustrator would be to either quickly update the manhwa with the long anticipated chapter 35 or at least some word as to when we can legitimately expect a new chapter as your audience is losing interest.  Despite the hiatus, Blood Of The Sun is a definite read if you are into Black/Afro-American, LGBT, Interracial, Supernatural, Psychological, Religious/Anti-Religious or Suspense themed entertainment or if you are a fan of the Bramble Bush style of illustration. UPDATE:  As of 1/24/2021, this manwha's 35th and 36th chapter have FINALLY been released and posted online!!!

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