Blood Alone

Vol: 13+; Ch: 50+
2004 - ?
3.968 out of 5 from 409 votes
Rank #5,984
Blood Alone

In the modern world most people live ignorant of the supernatural. Vampires exist with superhuman strength, speed and regeneration; they can control humans with a gaze and control their will for eternity by feeding them blood. Kuroe is a man whose calling is vanquishing vampires. His will, the legacy of his name and a vampire's curse give him the strength to hunt the one responsible for the loss of his sister. Yet he lives to atone for his mistakes. Misaki is a new vampire who was recently turned after Kuroe was unable to protect her. Now she lives under his, protection and in passing they calm each other's wounded hearts. Under reoccurring vampire threats the two grow closer together and develop an enticing bond.

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