Blazer Drive

Vol: 9; Ch: 34
2008 - 2011
3.719 out of 5 from 581 votes
Rank #6,517
Blazer Drive

In an effort to help save the planet from global warming and other manmade problems, Mystickers have been created. When affixing a Mysticker to an object and tracing its outline, fire, ice, electric or light energies are activated. However, while Mystickers are helping revolutionize the way people use energy, in secret a war wages between Blazers – people with the ability to stick a Mysticker directly to their body and harness its energy. Some desire power and abuse their abilities, while others known as the Guardian Division work to put a stop to these deviants. Daichi is a boy who picks fights with others to steal their Mystickers and become stronger; but one day, he’s targeted by a Blazer, and on the verge of defeat he’s saved by the sacrifice of someone very close to him. Determined to take revenge, Daichi agrees to join the Guardian Division, and takes on missions to help become as strong as he can be. However, it won’t be easy, as another more sinister, evil organization wants their hands on Daichi and his special abilities…

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PharuanUndearth's avatar
PharuanUndearth Mar 23, 2016
Score 7/10

This is a very interesting manga, that is well worth the read a couple of hours should do it maybe 2 days of sporadic reading. It takes place in the future where mysticker(stickers) replace fuel and other pollution/harmful things like deforestation(fire mysticker), electrical dams(electric mystickers) etc. I love the 5 ultimate mystickers which are like the five best of certain types(Ice, Fire, Light, Shadow... read more

KumikoMiso's avatar
KumikoMiso Jun 23, 2015
Score 8/10

I like this historu, but many moments remind to me life of Naruto. Daici have power like Naruto's and 2 friends. So... Some similar situations and same characters. But this manga reading interesting and you don't wanna sleep. read more



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