Blade of the Immortal

Alt title: Mugen no Juunin

Vol: 30; Ch: 206
1993 - 2012
4.351 out of 5 from 917 votes
Rank #826
Blade of the Immortal

Manji, a recently-turned immortal swordsman, has sworn to kill a thousand villains to counterbalance the merciless and indiscriminate slaughter that ended with the death of his sister. To this end, he decides to travel with Rin, a young girl who reminds him of the sister he failed. She has sworn to take vengeance on the Itto-ryu, specifically their leader Anotsu; for the Itto-ryu are group of elite swordsmen who killed her parents and raped her mother in front of her. However; being immortal doesn't guarantee victory: Manji's skill and immortality will be tested to their limits...

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MMaru's avatar
MMaru Jan 29, 2013
Score 10/10

This was one of the first manga I ever started to read.  It's been over a decade since I first picked it up and I still anxiously await the new volume(s) each year.  The art is fantastic (the first volume features some amazing two-page spreads where something as violent as a man being quartered turns into birds... not as cheesy as that line makes it sound, I promise!) and I love going back and... read more

Varagauzer's avatar
Varagauzer Jun 17, 2017
Score 9.5/10

What a really great manga!! It starts off as a simple revenge story but of course it becomes much more than that as manji and rin get more and more entangled in this war between the itto-ryu and agents of the shogun. It even goes more into the philosophical sides of revenge saying that its nothing but emptiness and all it does it continues the cycle of hatred. It even dives into the morals of the samurai... read more

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