Black Paradox

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Black Paradox

After frequenting a website known as Black Paradox, four strangers, Taburou, Marusou, Piitan and Baracchi have come together in order to commit group suicide. With the intention of taking sleeping pills and inhaling engine fumes, the foursome heads off to a remote spot to end their lives once and for all; yet despite their determination strange circumstances halt their plans and they decide to regroup another day. However, when Piitan begins to vomit mysterious shining stones during their second suicide attempt, Taburou and Baracchi see a money-making opportunity and abandon their plans to die. But what exactly are these stones, and is it really safe to sell them to the general public?

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Trigger warnings: suicide, suicide attempts, brief mentions of brain tumoursReview may contain mild spoilers depending on how you view a spoiler Black Paradox is a one-volume manga by guro artist and author, Junji Ito. When a group of anonymous people meet through the Black Paradox website and join together to kill themselves, their lives take a sudden, unexpected turn. Following greed, fear, and loss of mental stability, Ito takes his writing to a whole new level with Black Paradox. Now, as someone with suicidal tendencies, I actually very much enjoy how Ito utilises it within this manga. Although it won't be for everyone - and please do be careful as actual suicide attempts occur within the manga - there's something about it that speaks to humanity's greed, lust for money and fame, fortune and power. It's interesting how it can sway these people and their ideals and values change within just six chapters, especially how their moral compasses change as their true colours come through.Thoroughly, pardon the French, fucked up, with people diving into brain tumours (yes, literally diving into), explosions, and kidnapping, Ito delves into the morality of humanity in a way that leaves you disgusted but intrigued at the same time. --The Licking Woman is a short story included in Black Paradox as an extra chapter. Within this story a woman goes around on muggy, foggy nights, licking strangers with her tongue. Murders occur, horrific, graphic murders, and the story only gets stranger later on. This is more of the gore content I began reading Ito for. Although not quite gore and more just graphic, unsettling images, this still filled my enjoyment for the topic. This story itself is just another reason to be wary when walking alone at night, fictional or not, and definitely another reason I'll be looking over my shoulder. 

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