Black Panther and Sweet 16

Alt title: Kurohyou to 16-sai

Vol: 11; Ch: 44
2015 - 2019
4.152 out of 5 from 248 votes
Rank #6,310
Black Panther and Sweet 16

Taiga, a teenage girl with a complex about her aggressive nature, lends a drink to a boy she finds passed out from starvation, but he ends up stealing a kiss! Then, after she transfers to a new school, that boy, Anri Iseya, comes up to her and declares, “I’ll be yer pet … "?! This dangerous mission between a black beast and a strong-willed 16-year-old begins now!

Source: Kodansha

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Black Panther and Sweet 16. Big breasted female lead and hot dudes galore. The manga is about a girl who moves to the city and starts her first year as a high school student. Her dream? To have a gorgeous romance with a pretty boy! However things go very wrong when the male lead shows up and demands that he become her pet. Due to various circumstances she agrees but this causes tension inside especially since she's in love with none other than the male leads best friend. Now the Male lead as his bestie are 2 of the 4 hotties in the school. The 4 basically control everything since there families control everything and shit. If this sounds familiar thats because this has the same plot as Boys over flowers. Which is considered a classic. However this series is actually better than the original. Mainly because of the personalities of the main characters. They are far better. The male leads in both of the series are.... questionable but still. This series is mainly the love triangle between the 3 characters. The bestie, The FMC and the male lead. You can tell the male lead is the male lead by showing him having massive mommy issues. Male leads can't have decent parents in a shoujo otherwise the author has to actually think up of an original reason for the MMC to act like the way he does. Too much effort i presume. Despite my complaints to the series. I did enjoy the manga. A lot of it is because of the presentation of this series. If you have read Demon Prince of the Momochi house you know what I'm talking about. The problem with that series is that its too confusing and random but the presentation is top notch. The case is similar except the story is much more mundane and simplistic. But i still enjoyed it. Why? **PRESENTATION** For real the art and the characters faces is what carried this series. The series is labeled and for good reason. Though there is no sex the build up to the romantic moments the actual kiss scenes are very dramatic and saucy. They have the intended effect. Its not just the kiss scenes. The romantic tension of characters is astounding. More with the Bestie and FMC but the FMC and MMC are pretty good too. One of the common themes is the female lead feeding her pet who is the male lead. Its done incredibly well. The sudden shift in tone isn't really jarring and the serious faces and the actual feeding is very fun to look at. The FMC was also in a relationship before and part of the series is about her growing up as a person. She tends to speak her mind which results in her being somewhat ostracized. What i liked about the series is that her ex isn't a bad person... Like he literally a normal guy. The reason they broke up was because it was the female leads fault and she tries to grow from it. That actually took me by surprise a little. Her character development makes more sense. This is probably one of the better parts of the series. Even if it is a very minute part of it. Like i mentioned before the series is very simplistic, you can pretty much see the ending from volumes before the ending. I have to say i was underwhelmed. This is not how i wanted the manga to end. But what can you do. The series also takes too long to handle the Male leads family problems. You know why he wants to be treated as a pet and all that other shit. It hawt, but you know still kinda weird. I think in regards to family drama the presentation is still good. As far as writing goes it lacks depth for me to actually give a shit, but at least it looks cool. The side characters and there romances were basically in the background and didn't really take any space except for like gags and stuff. Which i guess was fine. If you can't write something entertaining, just make it a gag. A very popular series does this and it worked out for it. The romance triangle was enjoyable and a very fun read overall. I liked watching it all unfold. Watched some of the characters break down in the name of love. Despite all 3 making me go through a hurricane of emotions. I think the bestie is my favorite one. He's the type that looks scary but is soft hearted. His part of the story definitely gets me. TLDR: I think with a bolder, more memorable story this could've been a classic. But if you give this manga a chance, you'll find a lot to love with Black Panther and Sweet 16. 7/10

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