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Black Lotus (Novel)
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Jan 11, 2022

It was downright toxic. Half of the time I wasn't even sure why I was reading it. But it was like a poisonous drug which u can't help but get addicted to. It was like a twisted mixture of bringing the Nation's Husband home and the expensive ex-wife of the billionaire. But I had this hope in my heart that the good guy will win at the end and this novel will be different from all others where the abuser always triumphs but how can a Chinese novel ever disappoint? But I got frustrated first so I'm dropping it at chapter 145. But I'm very sure Its goimg to be same as always. I'm so bitter.
how can the ceo of such a big company be so stupid? Also that fucking so called mother bitch and that mf friend of Mr. Gu.. I hate them from the core. Even the main character was extraordinary stupid. I know many bad things happened to him. Not to do victim blaming but the person who bears the abuse without doing anything is much more wrong than the abuser himself. So though I cried Everytime bad things happened to him I actually don't have any sympathy for him.

If I could forgive Mr. Gu for the abuse (which I couldn't do for atleast a lifetime) then too the mc should cut all ties with the ml just for what he did to his mother's momento. I would hv killed him on the spot with that very bat.

Sorry for all the rant. I just wanted to expell the build up energy or I'll go into the story n murder mr. Gu.

Tang shuo is a sweetheart(atleast until I hv read the story) n his brother is a gem. Sigh, I feel sad for both of them. I hope that the author didn't make him into a bad guy just so we readers come to hate him. Nevertheless I'm pretty certain that Mr. Gu is going to hv a sad little story for his past which will make us readers pity him n I for one didn't want to pity that asshole for the time being.) maybe I will return to this story in the future when I hv some patience for stupid ppl. I'll go read some horror story to make myself feel better. Huhuhu. 

Until then adios.
PS: don't know how this novel has such a high rating. I don't give reading less than 5 to any book n the additional 0.5 is for my baby tang luanxuan. I love you. 

5/10 story
?/10 art
6/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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