Black Dragon's Choice

Ch: 45+
2021 - ?
4.042 out of 5 from 24 votes
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Black Dragon's Choice

To others, Im Jinha is a superstar. But to attorney Cha Yoolli, he’s just a loyal customer at her mom’s book rental shop who exclusively reads books with dragons in them. After Yoolli gets fired from her job, Jinha offers her a spot on his agency’s legal team, with her law school senior as her boss! However, Yoolli doesn’t know that her new workplace holds an ancient secret. Something... draconic. Could it be that Yoolli and Jinha’s relationship goes beyond just books?

Source: Tapas

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reviewed at chapter 19 contains (ton of) spoilers (although most are probably already given at the synopsis) the story really got me on hook! it has a nice pacing of events, and it somewhat gives of major hit k-drama worthy vibe (tbh, won't be surprised if this got a k-drama adaptation soon). the characters are not awkwardly made and although, this is a fantasy manhwa/webtoon this is pretty much so realistic. I am not that good at remembering the names but, ml (black dragon), fl (--spoiler-- dragon slayer), and the allegedly 2nd ml (white dragon) interactions really captures my attention/interest. the three doesn't bore me out as they have got such nice characterization, they are not just a bunch of personality awkwardly weaved together. overall, the story is nice and unique, it is such a nice read and the story flow is such a 😗👌. currently waiting for more chapters to be translated. bonus: so, I can't wait for the following chapters to be translated and I tried reading the raw (which is in korean) for chapter 20. I can't really give you much (because my k-vocab is still shallow) but, the fl and ml is just so wholesomely made! :''> they really got their chemistry around them (even though chapter 20 doesn't really include much "romantic" scene) which makes them so cute (? idk the term) together. 🛥️ wait... I just reread the chapter 20 and the review (or blabbering) above is actually for chapter 19 —_— chapter 20 is more of ml (kind of) realizing that he got some soft spot for fl. — end (I don't even know if you get something from this review).

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