Black Dragon Romance

Alt title: Heungnyongui Yeonin

Ch: 96
2018 - 2020
3.655 out of 5 from 154 votes
Rank #12,091
Black Dragon Romance

The wealthy Black Dragon clan rules Shanghai, and their power knows no bounds. But for three ordinary young Koreans, life in the city is very different. Pyung-an, an art enthusiast, is working her dream job in a prestigious gallery. Yeo-rae, a talented cellist at the Music Institute, is grafting hard to make ends meet. And Jin-hwan is looking for inspiration after his dream of being a taekwondo star foundered. For these three, the vast metropolis teems with potential romance, excitement...and danger. As they become mixed up with the formidable Black Dragon family, their lives are turned upside down.

Source: Lezhin

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