Black Bird

Vol: 18; Ch: 72
2006 - 2012
4.009 out of 5 from 2,718 votes
Rank #3,411
Black Bird

Misao Harada has always been able to see strange creatures that are invisible to everyone else. Living as a regular high school girl, the teen wants a boyfriend more than anything, so when her first love, Kyou, moves back into the house next door it seems her wish will come true. However, Kyou is in fact a Tengu who has returned to fulfil their childhood promise and by taking Misao as his bride his tribe will gain tremendous prosperity. With other demons out for her blood, Kyou offers her protection if she will consent to marry him, but distraught by his revelation, Misao turns him down. In Kyou’s relentless pursuit to protect Misao and win her over he has begun working as her new homeroom teacher in order to best protect her. Now with demons attacking her at every turn, and a fox spirit named Shuuhei also vying for her hand in marriage, can Misao really resist Kyou’s charms forever, but does the handsome tengu really love her or is he simply after the benefits their union would bring?

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Yanagi13 Dec 30, 2010
Score 5.3/10

Note: This review will contain spoilers for those who have yet to read the manga. Synopsis In the world of Black Bird, bloodthirsty demons run amuck in the streets of Japan, only visible to the young Misao Harada. Unbeknownst to this High School student, she is truly the fabled Bride of Prophesy, a human born only once every thousand years. Her purpose is either to marry a demon and bring eternal prosperity... read more

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mrzkitty Apr 11, 2012
Score 7/10

so ths is one of your typical shojuo manga's its about a girl named misao who could see demons since she was little and a boy named kyo who turns out to be one of those demons promises  to protect her, then he disappers for awhile and shows back up on her 16th birthday claiming the only way he can protect her is for her to become his fiance.. IMO if your a fangirl and go fangirl crazy when there are... read more



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