Black Abyss at Dawn

Ch: 28
2020 - 2021
3.14 out of 5 from 91 votes
Rank #33,334
Black Abyss at Dawn

A strange magical portal mysteriously appeared on Earth and from within, poured a never-ending flow of monsters and demons that sought to ravage Earth. Humans rallied and took up arms to resist the invasion and individuals gifted with supernatural powers stood forward to lead the charge. Once hailed as the "most dangerous human on Earth", Bai Yu met his end during a mission to save Earth. But instead of dying, he found himself resurrected with a strange RPG-like system that governed his every actions. Seeing it as his chance, Bai Yu made full use of it to strengthen himself to help put an end to the monster scourge once and for all!

Source: Qidian

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