Bitter Virgin

Vol: 4; Ch: 32
2005 - 2008
4.047 out of 5 from 2,526 votes
Rank #3,373
Bitter Virgin

Daisuke is popular with all of the ladies at school, including his childhood friend Yuzu and flirty Kazuki. However, there's one girl who not only doesn't like Daisuke, but also seems to be afraid of him – timid, guarded Hinako Aikawa. After proclaiming that she's the only girl he has no interest in, Daisuke accidentally discovers the truth about Hinako and the terrible, horrifying secret that she hasn't told a soul. Though she isn't aware that he knows, Daisuke makes a decision then and there to protect her, slowly realizing that the girl he had no interest in, is suddenly the most important thing to him...

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nasreen10's avatar
nasreen10 Mar 24, 2010
Score 8.5/10

Story: Boy is a womanizer and only doesn't like this one girl because he thinks she's putting on a facade. Boy finds out that girl has a dark past and grows to accept and love her. Obstacles are put in his path but his feelings only get stronger. Although this sounds cliche, Bitter Virgin was far from it. The dark past of Hinako is so moving and sad that you become engrossed by her. Also, one the most realistic... read more

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AriaEleanor Jun 27, 2012
Score 8.5/10

i just finished this manga... It was so captivating, that it kept me by monitor till I read all those chapters in one day.  I havent seen manga with such a deep storyline in a while. You could also say, that characters were amazingly realistic, that it took your breath. Sometimes i really speculated if its even possible to write story like that if you didnt go trough it yourself (but those are too sad... read more



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