Bitter: His Clandestine Kiss

Alt title: Bitter: Kare no Hisoyaka na Seppun

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
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Bitter: His Clandestine Kiss

Recently, the Royal Fort Hotel Tokyo has been receiving many concerned inquiries about the availability of more reasonably priced packages and the usage of relaxation facilities. 'Why does this matter?' you might ask. Well, it matters because it is just the cherry on top of the Seriously Super Stressful Sundae that the Royal Fort Hotel's young general manager Yoshitomo Hasunobe has been served by the Melqueens hotel! A.K.A. their new RIVAL. Just thinking about it makes him want to flail his arms in the air and scream! Do they have some kind of personal vendetta against him!? While huffing and puffing may be cathartic, Yoshitomo must do something about the rivalry. He must find his brother, the hotel manager, to work something out. But first, it seems that GM Hasunobe must tend to one of his guests who appears to have gotten too drunk and is passed out in the lounge! Oh, what a job! 

Source: futekiya

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