Biting the Tiger: Side Stories

Alt title: Nabi, Horangireul Mulda: Oejeon

Ch: 23
2020 - 2021
4.489 out of 5 from 352 votes
Rank #847
Biting the Tiger: Side Stories

After Hanwool finds his way back to Yunho, they spend some much-needed romantic time together. But, as Yunho falls back into his routine of practicing and performing with his band, Hanwool finds himself feeling a bit lonely. So, Yunho and Hanwool decide to head out on a relaxing trip to a waterpark with Naroo and Kyunghoon. While on the trip, Naroo decides to help Yunho bring Hanwool’s fantasy to life with the introduction of a steamy present!

Source: Netcomics

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