Bishoujo ni Natta Kedo, Netoge Haijin Yattemasu.

Vol: 5; Ch: 24
2019 - 2021
3.693 out of 5 from 177 votes
Rank #18,922
Bishoujo ni Natta Kedo, Netoge Haijin Yattemasu.

The story follows the High-schooler Jintarou Futsu , whose confession was rejected by his crush. His misfortune continues, as news of a gender-change disease turns Jintarou into a beautiful silver-haired girl. The shock of it causes him (her) to try to escape from reality by playing the VRMMO, Clan/Clan. His game character Taro uses the same girl's appearance as real life and the Alchemy skill, which most players call a trash skill. He meets lots of fellow adventurers, and becomes stronger within the game world of Clan/Clan. Taro hides what happened to his (her) appearance as a bug to his friends who also play the game, and hides the fact that he (she) had become a girl in real life. When summer break is over, he (she) will have to show their face at school. 

Source: MU

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