Vol: 6; Ch: 42
2004 - 2009
3.906 out of 5 from 553 votes
Rank #4,672

In the future, the N5S infection is slowly spreading throughout the world, turning everyone it contacts into a zombie-like "Drone".  Zouichi Kanoe and his motorcycle AI companion Fuyu Kanoe are sent out by Toha Heavy Industries in order to find humans resistant to infection and save humanity. Competing bio-enhanced agents from the Data Recovery Foundation have different goals, however: how to best extort the situation for their own profit…

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seeleprime's avatar
seeleprime Jan 17, 2012
Score 4.5/10

Though the art is sketchy and sometimes had to make out it is still fairly well done overall, though I cannot say the same thing about the story or the characters.  The plot jumps around without rhyme or reason in many locations and it is easy to lose track of the different characters, what they are doing, and where they disappear to in the story.  This series makes an OK filler if you have nothing... read more

coffeebreath's avatar
coffeebreath Nov 24, 2012
Score 7/10

I am a huge sci-fi fan, and a huge horror fan. So, typically, when these two genres mesh I am in my element. However, I tend to wet my appetite with live-action, novels, and comics. I tend to move slowly through the offerings anime and manga present for a fan such as myself because I know the sheer quantity and quality to be enjoyed. To purchase and read Biomega was a leap of faith and a personal treat... read more



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