Big Order

Vol: 10; Ch: 54
2011 - 2016
3.272 out of 5 from 374 votes
Rank #34,025
Big Order

When Eiji Hoshimiya was asked his heart's desire, the young boy could never have predicted the catastrophic consequences. Ten years after the "Great Destruction," the world has been reshaped with gifted individuals called "Orders" emerging, people capable to reshaping reality to their whims. When some of these Orders start hunting Eiji, though will he have to summon the power that nearly destroyed the world?

Source: Yen Press

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This manga started off with a lot of promise but really just seems to have gone down hill.  It really feels like the big twist (SPOILER: SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU CARE ABOUT THAT) that the people using him are actually his friends and his dad's alive and evil was forced and waaaaaay too early.  Though I heard that (maybe? I didn't really bother to confirm this) it got dropped by a publisher so it was on a really long haitus, so pushing up the twist reveal could have been done to boost sales and make it marketable.  Whatever the reason it really hurts the pacing.  You have this kind of interesting plot at the beginning where the main character might become a villian bent on world conquest at the head of an organization that he must watch for betrayal and eventually outsmart and conquer too; which is a really neat concept and I was looking forward to that. Then, a dozen chapters later half of them are his buddies and they really haven't conquered much beyond that first area (at least on screen) and the story has shifted to this boring "save the sister" arc which would have made for a much better subplot that was touched on now and then and not TAKING OVER THE ENTIRE PLOT.  Why bother even pushing for world conquest as a concept if NONE OF THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS/MATTERS. Plus it turns out that the fairy thing only started up ten years ago (my take from the exposition up to that point was that the wishes had been happening before that too and were a fact of life gone wrong with his wish) because some super science nonsense and lab experiment gone horribly wrong/right and it's not a fairy its some program thing, so you get this shift from urban fantasy to sci-fi out of no where.  So now it feels like a completely different story than starting out. Anyways, I can live with tone changes in a story, some times they work and some times they don't.  As long as the characters are interesting and I've become invested enough to see them to the end of their adventures, I can sit through quite a bit of questionable pacing, plot, and other such shenanigans.  The problem with that is the main character is an idiot and none of the major powers in the world are well designed or explained.  Okay, maybe like two but its hard to mess up the concept of water control, it's pretty straight forward.  Anyways, the main character was limited to 0.01% of his power and its implied that he simply has to ask the floating totally not the God of Space and Time fairy to unseal more of his powers and she'd gladly do it.  His powers were only sealed cause he's a total wuss and didn't want to use them.  Thing is, there are tons of times that he really could have used more power (cause his range sucks, except when it doesn't, except when it does) and the rules behind his powers are kinda unclear.  He can control anything in his territory.  Except he has to be able to see it it seems, and be able to speak.  Yet he silently uses his powers several times, so I don't understand why gagging him seems to even work.  Ever.  Sure his targets, if a person, have to be able to hear him, don't know why if he can control air and gravity when those can't hear, but it makes some sense for the speaking thing.  Here's the thing though, he can control gravity and break physics.   I don't get why there is any conflict at all.  If the person can't hear him?  Just harden the air around them (a trick he uses to make a shield, so he can do it) or increase gravity or pull the air out of the area or shatter the ground beneath them or any number of other things.  His power is so OP that they had to make him functionally incompent until the plot requires him to be "clever".  It gets boring after a while.  Especially when you start scratching your head and asking why he just doesn't do this or that.  Why not simply cure his sister with his power?  Why not command that none of the Ten harm him or his sister like he did with Rin (a Yuno epoxy who, plot twist, only wants him dead) when he gave them his first commands? Why not command the nukes to not detonate?  It really doesn't make much sense, and if there is a reason why he can't do that the manga has yet bother explaining. Then there's Fact or Fiction.  Seriously that power is a game changer and I don't know why that guy hasn't already succeeded in all his goals already. I think there may be a range limit and some time limit as well (10 minutes or 10 meters, I don't remember which and the scanlation was pretty bad so I wouldn't rule out a mistranslation/mistype, but it was 10 something).  Even so, he can stop pretty much anything so I don't see how there is still an organization opposing him. As for the characters, some are fairly interesting but those haven't spent much time on stage; and if a character isn't trying to kill/screw the protagonist then they don't seem to get much time for development.  I would love to know more about the Ten but by this point I simply don't care and can't be bothered to keep track of them anymore. Like I said, if this had continued on the path it laid out from the first volume, it would have been an interesting manga, but now it has lost my interest.  It doesn't help that the art is sometimes confusing (otherwise it's not bad) so you have to skim forward to make sense of what you see (worst case was the hospital roof top where its not clear exactly why he was sent flying, I believe it was something the helicopter did).  His first work is much better and I get the feeling that this manga will end up revisiting a lot of ground covered in Future Diary, so if you liked Future Diary and don't mind reused material then maybe you'll like what this manga is shaping up to be.  I'm rating it this high because I really did enjoy the beginning if not so much what's happening in the story now.

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