Big Jo - Part 2

Ch: 66
2019 - 2020
3.214 out of 5 from 54 votes
Rank #36,185
Big Jo - Part 2

Second season of Big Jo.

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After an amazing season one that truly had fantastic character development, I was utterly unable to get through the final season. I tried, but it barely held my attention. The tone of the story completely switched, and rather than focusing on character development, threw them into a completely unfamiliar situation. Any meaningful relationships and character development from the previous season were thrown into the trash. Basically, the characters were put onto an island to develop their love (or not) for one another, and on a game show at that. Think "Love Island" type of tacky for reference. Furthermore, a myriad of random characters were introduced, and while LGBTQ+ representation is something important to have, it felt extremely forced. A lot of the dialogue that was very meaningful in the previous season was filled with grueling drama that had no true correlation to the current story. Moreover, many of the new characters were flat - the only thing most had going for them was strictly their sexuality - and played heavily into those stereotypes. Not every openly gay man is going to wear pink, sparkly clothing and talk about how gay they are all of the time. I truly wasn't a fan of that, but that's beside's the point. Big Jo, the main character, is considering her sexuality as well, which I felt was a good thing. I was very excited for any sort of meaningful character development, especially after the dumpster fire of events. Instead, she goes back and forth over her current love triangle, struggling to make a decision, but on the same token, almost completely loses her fiery personality. In her ardor for love, she attempts to become the "shoujo" type of girl, but it doesn't work. The whole entire 51 episodes that I read completely ruined the series for me. If you enjoyed the first season, I'd highly suggest you stop there unless you're looking for a disappointing conclusion to what had an amazing start. 

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