Vol: 1; Ch: 12
2016 - 2018
4.075 out of 5 from 293 votes
Rank #2,280

Alice had woken up in Room 431 of a mysterious manor. "You must not leave this room," warned the Serpent, but she paid it no heed and her body began to rot... Will she be able to escape the cursed manor?

Source: MU

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Conceptual review (will contain spoilers) Let's begin with simply saying that I enjoyed the phantasmagorical art, the great concept and the underlying tones. I love me some media that makes my brain itch and this is it. Many questions and not many answers is characteristic of many great stories. Thus I am thinking. What is the message? If we would take what we see at face value then we could have several themes: 1. If we believe that Alice is the dying princess personified then her dream is the evil that devoured all of humanity. Then all the room tenants wishes are also the same twisted reality and thus would mean that the corruption experienced by going closer to the room 000 are the conditions of reality. Reality ruins the dream I.E. the end of the world in this story was inevitable. The world is for humanity and in our greed for fullfillment we ruin the world. 2. If we would assume thar Alice is a metaphor for God then we can understand the hotel as either Hell or Heaven (vice versa). Reality has become nothing - there is no one in it so no one can experience it. So what is left? The unreal. The unreal or the hotel goes beyond what exists as such it does not follow any laws of the real. From it we see how peoples idealistic dreams are self-reflections of their ineptitudes experienced in reality. Then would this world be a dystopia or an utopia? Would a person accept it as a new real or would they fight for the true reality? Wouldn't heaven become hell when there is nothing to strive for or nothing to lose?  I invite you to also examine the underlying themes/ think about ideas that I bring up. What is meaning of this narrative? More exactly - what is it to you?

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