Beyond the Memories

Ch: 28+
2023 - ?
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Beyond the Memories

Jeong Sejin knows full well that his life doesn’t have anything good in store for him. As an adoptive son riddled with nightmares of a strange assault, Sejin sometimes finds himself wondering if there could ever be someone out there for a person as broken as him… With his family’s company teetering on the edge of financial ruin, Sejin knows a happy-ever-after is further away than ever. So when the second son of the thriving Seonho Group, a handsome alpha named Kwon Ido, requests his hand in marriage, Sejin goes into it with low expectations. Yet, something strange happens the moment their eyes meet. How could someone he had just met look at him with such pain and tenderness? And how does Ido know all of his preferences? Could there be something more to this seemingly arranged marriage…?

Source: Lezhin

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