Between the Lines

Ch: 48+
2023 - ?
4.32 out of 5 from 269 votes
Rank #290
Between the Lines

Baek Dohu’s a university student who writes BL novels on the side. And his preferred type of top character? The scumbag kind, who treats their partners like crap. And Dohu’s first impression of Seo Juheon is the complete opposite: the typical nice-guy—always smiling, always catering to the needs of those around him. But things take a turn when he accidentally comes across Juheon blackmailing someone in an alley. The real Juheon is a polar opposite from the facade he puts up; he swears, he has a temper, he’s manipulative…and Dohu loves it. Juheon could be THE inspiration for his next big novel that hit a dead end long ago. Excited, Dohu starts following Juheon around “observing” his character, which is bound to give Juheon some wrong ideas… Between the lines of artist and muse, business and pleasure, who’ll be the first to cross the line over to the other side?

Source: Lezhin

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