Best Friends

Ch: 30
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Best Friends

The superior alpha Minju fell in love with the inferior omega Hayoon. Although Minju made a loving confession to her, she has always felt a little distant because of her differences. Hayoon also knew that Minju would get bored of her as soon as she got what she wanted, so she couldn't completely trust her heart..."Instead of being abandoned, why don't I just leave you first?"

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NO SPOILER - I decided to read yuri manga even though it's not a genre I'd usually read. And since I don't pay much attention to this genre, and honestly... I don't care that much, it's hard for me to write a review. However, I know the omegaverse in yaoi and I think it is practically the same in this story. First of all, I would like to comment the way this manga is drawn. The main characters were beautiful in appearance and very likeable. It was thanks to the characters that the story immediately got my attention. And though I didn't know what to expect, I ended up being quite taken with the story. Anyway, the beginning upset me, and I wasn't sure what kind of relationship the main characters had between them. Well, I suppose that was the author's intention. |_-。) But what did the author want to show through the story? It bothered me that the main character was too stubborn and forceful, often violent, and some scenes bordered on rape. Omega is treated like a slave all the time. I understand that this is part of the story, but since I don't usually look for such topics, reading wasn't too easy for me. (; ̄ー ̄川 Within a few chapters, I had to force myself to read them. And I don't think that's good. On the other hand, it's like I said, everyone has their standards set elsewhere, and the persuasive behavior of the main character can be understood very differently. So it's best to read the story yourself and get your own picture on it. But don't expect a cute innocent romance!


For a straight conservative guy to like GL it weird. Now you know my point of view on lesbians or what eve tf . But i have to say this one is great yet terribly writen. So for me i dont care about full pictuer but about theire part and how they fit together and i have to say its like a picuter done by two artists one pro and one nooby who never holded pencile in his hand. Overall story is great but the way its writen is just stupid and i dont get it. The thing is the only problem is that i didnt understand wtf is alpha beta omega stuf and its not explaind to me until i read hlaf of the story. And this is jsut so stupid since you reading about those ABO from the begining but you dont know wtf it means. It feels like as if i gave you math book but didnt explain how numbers works. And thats why i was complitely lost while reading this and then pheromons comes and i was like wtf is that this maybe works in animal worlds since they have sharper sences but in our world no.  And again explanation comes way too late. And then s*x scences they are softcore but the thing i dont get is why they use condoms i thought that blackhaird girl is futa or somethign but she wasnt so why.  I would understand that maybe they  dont have money so they wrap some vegie into that but they are rich af so yea wtf. But hey i like lovestory it was good thought at the end when i saw that kid and she called both of them mommy i thought its fcked up but well i go with the flow. Art is realy good but sometimes i felt like some parts are out of proportion so one point down. I lived all the characters they were greatly desing for such a short story thought i would say if you swiched the blackhaierd girl for a male nothing would happen it felt like it doent matter what gender she is and there was no reseon for them to be lsebian other then those pheromons but im ovethinging this one way too much then i should. For such a short story to do such a good job with characters tumbs up there are way too many manhwas that could be inspired by this.

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