Berserk of Gluttony

Alt title: Boushoku no Berserk: Ore Dake Level to Iu Gainen wo Toppa Suru

Vol: 7+; Ch: 41+
2018 - ?
4.231 out of 5 from 1,514 votes
Rank #4,673
Berserk of Gluttony

Fate Barbatos has never tasted real power. Born with the magical skill Gluttony, he constantly hungers in a way that can't be satiated, and has been shunned and looked down upon his entire life. One day, while working as a gatekeeper for a noble family and fighting a trespassing thief, he discovers Gluttony's true power: when he kills someone, he devours their skills and feeds his gnawing hunger at last. In that grisly realization, Fate is awakened to his true potential. How many lives will he feed on to satisfy this hunger, and is the world ready for the frightening warrior he'll become?

Source: Seven Seas

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The greatest aspect of this manga is the fact that Fate Graphite's constant killing is literally necessitated--the skill "Gluttony" will consume our main character if fe doesn't satiate its hunger with an ever-increasing amount of monsters. Also, by having Fate's excess stat points be able to be spent on increasing Greed's abilities (Greed is Fate's sword and feir companion), this keeps Fate from becoming god-like in power--keeps fem at least somewhat moderate, and could also serve to make fights challenging again. Like, if Fate resets to low stats, then fighting goblins can maybe become a challenge again until fe builds up more stats. Though the manga doesn't really focus on the fighting of low-level monsters. Other than at the beginning, it just glosses over the mob fights and focuses on the boss-level fights. There are three levels of bosses which we've run into or which have been alluded to: 1) Crown monsters, which are uniquely named versions of a common monster like kobolds or sandmen and are many times stronger than them; 2) Chimeras, which are seven artificially-created monsters that come out of eggs and which are the upper limit of what Fate might be able to handle at the moment; and 3) The Celestial Dragon, which has only been alluded to and which is supposedly leagues above what Fate is capable of handling. Also, when it comes to humans, it's all about the Holy Knights--we have holy knight opponents and holy knight allies, but holy knights seem to be the apex of human strength. As the series goes on, it will likely include Fate working to protect Roxy while slowly uncovering the importance of feir role as one of the people with a Deadly Sin skill and what exactly that means. You see, there are Deadly Sin weapons as well as people with Deadly Sin skills. For example, Fate has the Deadly Sin skill of Gluttony and fe also wields the Deadly Sin weapon named Greed. And Myne has the skill of Wrath and wields the weapon named Sloth. And Elise has the skill of Lust and may not be wielding a weapon. So far, we haven't seen any repeated sins between people and weapons, so it's unclear whether there are two separate cycles (with both people and weapons having a representative for each sin) or if there is but a single cycle (with some of the sins being represented by people and some being represented by weapons). The backgrounds are a bit too empty. The hands and feet feel off, and the movements look a bit stiff. But the art is overall of good quality and the fights look pretty cool. [Reviewed at chapter 23]

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