Vol: 2; Ch: 22
3.224 out of 5 from 160 votes
Rank #11,258

Three ‘believers’ – two men and a woman – live on a deserted island as part of a special program. Their goal is to co-habitate and learn how to purify themselves from the outside, evil world under the teachings of Master. From day to day they remind themselves of his words and purge their vile thoughts, but soon two of them begin to discover a better, yet ‘wrong’, way to pass the time. However, Master’s teachings are absolute, and their actions won’t go unnoticed...

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Melodux May 7, 2013
Score 7/10

Believers is an adult psychological manga that has a tinge of mystery to it. It follows a small sub-division of a pop-culture, well-organized cult in the setting of a small, isolated island in Japan. Story: 8/10 The story starts out following the character’s main activities on the island; working hard for their “compatriots.” The opening chapters are a little strange, with the characters... read more



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