Behold the True Villainess

Alt title: Agnyeoneun Amuna Hana

Ch: 105+
2021 - ?
3.918 out of 5 from 1,027 votes
Rank #6,475
Behold the True Villainess

A girl from the modern world slips into the body of Niveia Aerber, the main character of the fantasy novel she was reading. To survive in Erathil, a world full of betrayal and monsters where she was destined to meet an early death, the new Niveia embarks on an adventure to escape from her fate. The old Niveia was set to become the next Priestess to serve the Grand Temple, but not the new Niveia. Instead, she runs away from the temple, from her archrival, Rosanna, and her fiancé, Duke Aetius Timothero. Along the way, she enlists the help of Prince Caeles, who is also on a mission of his own - to find out which noble families are planning an uprising against his kingdom, including Niveia's family. In this chaotic turmoil of love, loyalty, and treason, can Niveia create a better future for herself, and more importantly, can she ever return to the real world?

Source: Pocket Comics

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It had a good start, nothing exceptional since it's an over-used trope, but the MC was interesting, headstrong, decisive, knew when to act and when to pull back, it was looking good. Unfortunately, as the story progressed she had become an inconsistent character, for some reason she stopped being assertive when needed, this coinciding with the re-appearance of the second lead, she was still bullheaded but all in her head, how fortuitous and thus all kind of annoying crap started to happen. And that was it for me, after the first 40ch or so it had stopped being an enjoyable read I kept reading because I liked the start but after that happened I can already imagine all the BS, misunderstandings and forced crap that would follow. Enough is enough, there are too many similar stories to read this. (Expand for spoilers)Other than that, the art is very good, pace is okish, dialogues are meh and the other chars are mostly ok, ML and her aunt are decent (thou he'll be a simp for sure) the rest not very interesting nor developed. Oh, and the humor was hit and miss for me, but it wasn't bad when it was not being disruptive to the narrative.Started a 7 ended a 3 by the point I dropped it. Let me give you an example ***SPOILER ch60*** (is there a way to hide spoilers? if someone knows please tell me, otherwise, please add this basic function) She has spent since the start of the story a lot of effort to cut her engagement with the annoying PoS of a duke, yet when he reappears she has multiple chances to say plainly to his face that she doesn't like him, yet she doesn't, instead she plays coy, then the a**hole declares in front of everyone she's his fiance, again, she doesn't say she has already cut that relationship, continuing with this now beautiful trend, she travels with him (and her aunt, at least) to the capital and has no better idea to stay in the Duke's mansion... yeah... but that's not nearly enough right? She gets drunk with the douche, somehow ends in his room, in his bed and... she chokes him, yep, AT LAST, right? nop, for some reason the butler has the notion that interrupting a private night of his master with his "fiance" was a good idea so he very conveniently knocks on the door because of some noise or some BS (as if some noise would be strange). So, what does the incredible MC, that has been trying to break the engagement do? she fakes having had had sex with the Duke... Oh, brillant, what a great idea, I can't think of any way it could backfire...

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