Behold the True Villainess

Alt title: Agnyeoneun Amuna Hana

Ch: 29+
2021 - ?
4.06 out of 5 from 409 votes
Rank #5,273
Behold the True Villainess

A girl from the modern world slips into the body of Niveia Aerber, the main character of the fantasy novel she was reading. To survive in Erathil, a world full of betrayal and monsters where she was destined to meet an early death, the new Niveia embarks on an adventure to escape from her fate. The old Niveia was set to become the next Priestess to serve the Grand Temple, but not the new Niveia. Instead, she runs away from the temple, from her archrival, Rosanna, and her fiancé, Duke Aetius Timothero. Along the way, she enlists the help of Prince Caeles, who is also on a mission of his own - to find out which noble families are planning an uprising against his kingdom, including Niveia's family. In this chaotic turmoil of love, loyalty, and treason, can Niveia create a better future for herself, and more importantly, can she ever return to the real world?

Source: Pocket Comics

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While it's not bad, I wouldn't call it particularly good either, especially for the genre. The very beginning of the plot, about her fiancé and becoming the Saintess, is rapidly thrown in the fire and feels pretty irrelevant. Making it so that the whole "being a villainess" thing doesn't... really matter? Yes she does some villainess worthy actions at the very beginning, but not really after that. A promising start that was pretty much wasted. If you're looking for a revenge villainess story, that's not your best choice. However, the best point of this story are rather entertaining characters and funny expression that would remind you of "Miss Not-so Sidekick" or "The Tyrant's sister", but the plot itself is nowhere near as entertaining as those two, and the humourous moment much rarer. While it is only about 30 chapters at the moment I write this, so rather at it's beginning, one could hope that the story will lead to something interesting. For now though, I feel like I wasted a lot of time reading it and wishing for something to happen. The art is however not to bad to look at, rather good quality. (spoilers ahead) For once, the isekai is somewhat relevant to the plot, as her past identity was a gold medalist archer who suffered from an injury that made her unable to pursue her passion further. Now that she is in a new body, she uses her talent. Sometime. But not often enough in my opinion. It did make her rather athletic, which is actually relevant to how she survives along the male lead, who is a knight (and opposing royalty but it's not super relevant yet). The 3/4 of the plot for now was pretty much the mc and male lead just. Traveling in the woods and being midly funny. The mc being a badass sometime and the male lead being curious about her. Not much romance happening for now either, but it was a rather refreshing dynamic. Not much of a villainess during that though. All in all: easy to read, funny characters but honestly, wasted potential.

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