Behind the Scenes!!

Alt title: Urakata!!

Vol: 7; Ch: 39
2014 - 2018
4.457 out of 5 from 51 votes
Rank #339
Behind the Scenes!!

It’s two months into Ranmaru’s college career, and if he’s learned one thing, it’s that he’s really uncomfortable around other people. But when he stumbles into a zombie mob attack, he’s forced out of his comfort zone in the most dramatic way possible! Of course it’s just a movie shoot, but when he wakes up from his ignoble faint, he’s been whisked away behind the scenes with the Art Squad! Could this group of weirdoes be what Ranmaru’s been looking for all his life?!

Source: Viz

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wingbeats Mar 9, 2016
Score 8/10

(Review based on 1st volume)
I was initially drawn to this manga for a few reasons - first of all it was authored by the manga artist who made Ouran High School Host Club, which was one of my favorite series. Secondly, this manga stars college students. Since when does any manga/anime have anything to do with college students? That by itself had me intrigued - I am 100% fine with manga having some older... read more

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