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Vol: 3; Ch: 24
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Behind Story

After Johann survives a vicious murder-suicide attempt by his own division teacher, his school sex scandal explodes into a national uproar. To Taehee's anguish, Johann disappears for 3 years. Both boys grow into men and live separate lives. Taehee works in a night club alongside the flirty bartender Jungin. Meanwhile, the lonely Johann lies low.  One day, Taehee and Johann catch a glimpse of each other. But, Taehee's jealous friend Dooyong will do anything to keep the two men apart.

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If you've read "Let Dai" before you'll definitely pick up some resemblance in this manhwa to that one, tho this one didn't really drag out the drama like said one. Dooyoung was described as that meddlesome third wheel who separates Johann & Taehee apart in the synopsis, he didn't really do that much honestly I mean sure he sorta managed to keep those two apart for a short while but they didn't really show him doing much of that. Dooyoung's just this impressionable selfish kid who went from being anti-gay back in school to a full-fledged prosmiscuous, alcoholic, junkie gay after 3 years. Karma was crawling back at him hard.  Johann had to tolerate his bullshit as well as others' criticisms back then up till adulthood, he's the silent type who suppresses emotions inside to avoid DRAMA. And he only smiles (teacher excluded) when he's with Taehee who's this sociable carefree kid whom once dreamed of dropping out of school to become a racer. Their chemistry happened so naturally you dun feel like there'll ever be a conflict in their lives, this was proven when they spoke to each other after 3 years.... and then slowly proceed to acknowledge the fact that they like each other. Simple & no misunderstandings. It's a very calming relationship indeed.   I know there's a drama tag but to be blunt you wouldn't really feel any dramatic tensions coming off the "dramatic" events. After one major event is shown like that teacher chasing Johann onto the road and consequently causes a national uproar after their sex scandal has been exposed, it's all just shoved aside temporarily with no critical effect to Johann's life. You don't get to see his family's reactions to this they just put a time skip to escape the impact of the scandal. Tho closure is reached when Johann went to see the teacher in prison yet that aside there really isn't much drama in the whole story IMO.  The plot mainly emphasises on the characters' lives in short, you also get a divorced otaku dad who's lonely, a conceited bar girl who works with Taehee, etc. It's just an ordinary BL read with no large scale dramas. 

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