Behind His Smile

Alt titles: Dekiai no Ura ni wa, Egao no Ura ni wa, Hatsukoi no Ura ni wa, Himegoto no Ura ni wa, Yasashi sa no Ura niwa

Vol: 5
2016 - 2023
3.864 out of 5 from 58 votes
Rank #8,748
Behind His Smile

Suzuta's a nurse living in hospital housing designated for singles only. He has to hide the younger half-brother he's been caring for. That is, until Dr. Tomioka discovers his secret. He pleads with his colleague to keep it between them. Dr. Tomioka agrees, but on one condition... that he and Suzuta become an official couple! Aggressive love between a mean-spirited doctor and a soft-hearted nurse!

Source: Renta!

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