Beelzebub Maou Gaiden

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2003 - 2011
4.016 out of 5 from 504 votes
Rank #3,415
Beelzebub Maou Gaiden

Oga Tatsumi is one of the most feared delinquents at Ishiyama High School who can send lowly hoodlums cowering with a single glance. One day while fishing at the river, he catches a large moustached man, who promptly splits in two revealing a baby inside! Immediately after a demon named Hilda informs Oga that the baby is the future Demon King, and since the child has taken a liking to Oga’s death threats and killer glare, the juvenile delinquent will be his adopted parent. Now the unwilling Oga must raise the baby until he’s old enough to destroy humanity while fighting off any opponents that come his way.

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