Becoming You (Novel)

Alt title: Momi Baggwineun Sajeong (Novel)

Ch: 151
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Becoming You (Novel)

A reader of a romance novel wakes up one day as one of its characters: Irenia Chandler, daughter of the empire's duke. Her entire family is destined to die after being wrongly accused of attempting to assassinate Frederick Raifarse, the crown prince who is cursed with a spell that makes him switch bodies with his partner after sleeping together. To save herself and her family, Irenia seduces the prince in order to inhabit his body and break the curse using her knowledge of the novel. For some reason, though, the curse remains unbroken despite her meticulous efforts. She keeps changing bodies with Frederick without warning, with sex being the only way to switch back. But every switch reveals new secrets about both of them—and brings them together in ways they never expected.

Source: Yonder

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