Becoming You

Alt titles: Circumstances of Switching Bodies, Momi Baggwineun Sajeong

Ch: 118+
2021 - ?
3.607 out of 5 from 224 votes
Rank #22,988
Becoming You

In the spicy novel "The Cursed Crown Prince," Prince Frederick is struck with a curse that causes him to switch bodies with any woman he spends the night with. This brings misfortune to the Chandler family, who is unfairly executed for treason when the royal physician, Cedric Chandler, fails to cure the prince. So the heroine knows she's in trouble when she wakes up as Irenia, the daughter of the Chandler family. Luckily, she also knows about the magic potion that can lift the curse, and seduces the cold Frederick to switch bodies with him. Once she feeds him the potion and gets her body back, "Irenia" thinks her problems are solved for good. But not long after she bids the prince goodbye, the two start switching bodies again at random times! And the only way for them to switch back is to spend the night with each other...

Source: TappyToon

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Lmfao this was one of the most unintentionally hilarious comics I've ever read. I'm usually a sucker for tragic villain love stories but I couldn't help but laugh at the crown prince's "tragic past" because of the way it was written. It all seems so ridiculously over the top that it makes me feel like I'm watching an incredibly overdramatic soap opra where everyone fights for no reason. The female lead literally made plans on how to break the ML's curse for over ten years, ingested poison, studied her ass off and made connections to the underworld, all for this one plan to succeed but handles it so sloppy Lmfao I really can't take any of this seriously. But because of this it honestly became funny in it's own way. I think ALL the characters are ridiculous and so clichee that you can't find a single drop of actual personality within them, additionally to the female lead who treats people incredibly insincerely but is OF COURSE LOVED BY EVERYONE INCLUDING THE CROWN PRINCE THAT ALWAYS TREATED HER LIKE SHIT BECAUSE HE CAN'T SHOW EMOTIONS, OF COUUURSE. I actually don't hate this story though and I read up until chapter 55. But I honestly feel like they would've been better off with turning this into a comedy or maybe even mature comic. In my opinion there's no actual plot or story telling going on. You can't really get emotionally invested with any of the characters since their decisions make no rational sense at all and they aren't too likable either. But if you enjoy watching trash TV, unnecessary drama and fights just for the heck of it then maybe this will be fun for you to read when you're bored. Oh and I thought the Art was nice!


You want the brief verision or the long one? Choose.  Brief: The art is okay, but the characters aren't very good or interesting. I feel it would have been better if it aimed to be another genre. Nothing is really special or unique, I just wish this was handled differently. The Long: Ever meet two people that have a...complicated relationship and both of them aren't good but you dislike one of them more and so you join the other persons side? But, you really wish everything was simpler and that they could just be on the same page?  Well, that was exactly how I felt when I read it. Admittedly, I only completed 16 chapters, but I just couldn’t take anymore of the prince. If I wasn't curious about how that train wreck of them falling in love (I assume they do, based on these tropes) was gonna happen (not literaly), I would have dropped it when I comfirmed the prince was trash. He would need to go through SERIOUS, genuine character development for me to approve of him as a decent ML. It's been so long since I've felt such aversion (I had to look up synonyms for dislike) to a fictional character in a story. The last one I felt to this extent was one of the jerks in "Cheating Men Must Die." Okay, putting him aside, I feel nothing for anyone. NOTHING!!!! I, of course appreciate the fact that Mr. Childhood Friend, the FL's Brothers, and Assistant are all more good looking than trash prince. He's a squid in my eyes in comparison. (Real squids aren't ugly, just an expression). But, I still feeling nothing for them. Maybe it's because of the limited chapters I read, but I didn't grow attached to anyone. And if my dislike for the prince didn't overshadow how I felt for the MC, I'd be saying she's a flat character that feels unrealistic and...Well, I'm not a fan, but I admire some of the traits she displayed. But, she only describes the prince as cold and handsome and not her type and clever and handsome. The prince just says she's pretty and smart and beautiful. He always refers to her appearance in one way or another. (Like, "Her soft and gentle smile to me." Except she was faking it and really didn't like being with him.) I'm sorry, I made this about him again. I would have been all for the story if she found someone else in the countryside and never saw the prince again. She, I felt had potential and I would have liked her more if she told the prince about everthing after she 'fixed' his curse. Then, I wished she'd say, "Well, not my problem anymore. Now leave me and my family alone. And also, I never liked you."  Is it so wrong for me to wish for a healthy relationship where niether side are jerks to each other? Can't fictional people just break up and move on? I don't care how he felt about her!!! He didn't treat her good and then had the gall to------!?!? And of course what the MC did wasn't right either. She seduced him with alternative motives and then threw him away, but think about it!! Their whole relationship is a mess, top to bottom! After they slept together, one wanted to break up and the other wanted to take a step further. At best, what he felt was some attraction, curiosity, and understanding that she would be a useful wife for him. AT BEST!!!  Go ahead and read it. And if you like it, I have no right to say you sohuldn't. But, please don't feel pity for any of them. Please. Especially the prince and their "courtship." He's like every the embodiment of every trait I hate seeing in a love interest. I'd forgive and accept character flaws, but what exactly are the princes good points? He's a prince? But then later he'd be Emperor and she'd be Empress and that's a lot of work that most people wouldn't wanna do. And also, she said she didn't want that position anyway.                                                                                                                                                                                      He's handsome? Eh, not my type, especially his hair, but go for it.  Personality? HAHAAAHA! You must have skipped everything I wrote.                                                                         Wealth? You can mooch off someone else, or make your own $$.              Sad and probably comlicated backstory? How is that a good point?              Abandonment issues? Well, yeah. But, again, not supposed to be one of his better traits.               I also saw signs of unhealthy obsession, in case any weirdos would consider that a good point too.                                                         Hot bod? Really, you can find that somewhere else.      There were too many things I disliked about him for me to give the prince a chance. But, maybe it'd be different to you. And maybe he gets a lot better, I don't know.

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