Become the Castellan in Another World

Alt titles: Cong Jin Tian Kai Shi Dang Cheng Zhu, Starting from Today I'll Work as a City Lord

Ch: 519+
2019 - ?
3.683 out of 5 from 759 votes
Rank #19,208
Become the Castellan in Another World

When a gamer and homebody starts the buff for traveling through time and space, he certainly chooses to make waves! Make waves! And make waves! Domineering cat lady, Lori fox lady, Girly rabbit lady…This is not a Zoo! This is a fantastic Another World under the rule of the law of the jungle! In a real strategic game and a huge conspiracy crisis, the Overlord of Another World is emerging, with the rest nothing but losers…

Source: Qidian

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It's pretty mediocre all around. The characters are one dimensional cut-outs that have two or three emotions. And people including the protagonist act incredibly stupid at times, leading them to get into trouble for things that just feels like a waste of time.The protagonist for example decided to give all his peasants a ton of food in exchange for labor, but didn't have enough food to keep feeding them for a few days. You'd think he'd know that before he promised them food, but whatever. And instead of being thankful that the food at lasted this long because these peasants had literally been starving for months, the peasants do a 180 and act as if the guy was a liar the entire time, even though he had been feeding and treating them all well for the ENTIRE time he had been there.  And not only that a merchant who was SEEN swindling these same peasants starts riling them up to attack the main character and they act as if he is the messiah for telling the truth (after this MERCHANT HAD CHEATED them out of food before and actually has a track record of being an asshole to these starving peasants). It's as if these people all have the memory of a GOLDFISH and can't recall things that happened literally a few days ago.And does the main character solve all this with wit or cunning or his own power? No. Run out of food? Well, let's dump some food suddenly cause those hunters bought food before you were going to get lynched. A bunch of bandits are coming? Well, lets magically introduce a whole bunch of strong hunters that the main character met who will help defend his land. He's going to get attacked by a bunch of peasants? Well, remember that random person you met? Well, they are going to appear and stop them from killing you.Things just magically happen to solve the main character's problems You don't get the feeling that anything he does is earned at all. Just that god magically descends everytime something bad is about to happen.Not worth the read. 

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