Beauty is the Beast

Alt title: Bijo ga Yajuu

Vol: 5; Ch: 28
2002 - 2004
3.659 out of 5 from 452 votes
Rank #7,425
Beauty is the Beast

Eimi has just moved into the girls’ dorm of her high school and is eager to make friends and have fun. To her surprise, as a new boarder she has to pass a courage test that involves sneaking into the boy’s dorm. While escaping from the teachers, she ends up running into the bedroom of the school’s “bad boy”, Wanibuchi, but instead of harassing her, he helps her escape! Though Wanibuchi’s incredible height and rumors of his violent past scare everyone away, Eimi can’t help but find herself being drawn to his mysterious charm and beautiful physique. Will she listen to her classmates and stay away, or will she follow her heart and be the one to tame the beast?

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MatteHanaymeY3 Sep 4, 2010
Score 9/10

This story is classic if not, a little cliche. Eimi is one of my favorite characters, she has an absolute purity to her and a never ending energy. In addition, the setting is intriguing because though it is set at school, there are probably 3 total panels actually in school. It's all about the dorms! The mangaka had a wonderful way of modernizing and adding to the classic fairy tale without over-doing it. It's... read more



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