Beauty and the Raven

Alt titles: Eun-ui Gongnyeo, Kkamagwi Gongnyeo, Silver Girl, Crow Girl

Ch: 91
2019 - 2021
3.662 out of 5 from 170 votes
Rank #18,263
Beauty and the Raven

Born ever so gracefully, but destined to be a disgrace. The Grand Duchess Evelyn Ra Royceite of the house Royceite was promised to a graceful life from her birth. And yet her dark-colored hair and eyes made her repulsive by the people of the Theian Empire since they were considered as an ominous sign. Despite all that, her family makes her attend the debutante hosted by the emperor to change her misfortune. On that day, Evelyn meets the grand duchess of Ansian of house Casablanca, the heir to her rival house and by far the most beutiful girl that Evelyn has ever seen. Witnessing the hostility and discomfort at the debutante, Eveleyn decides to put an end to her miserable life as a cage crow in the house of nobles and pursuit her long lost dream of living the wanderlust life as a hired sword. After a few years later, an unexpected person visits at her doorstep.

Source: Pocket Comics

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**Review based on first 35 chapters, spoilers marked like this** I'll be honest -- I don't like the MC. I'm all for strong female characters overcoming challenges and being badass. She can fight, she's smart & cunning, definitely not a damsel in distress. Totally down for that...but I don't like how she frequently comes acoss as a bit of a pervert. She says she can't control herself whenever she sees pretty men or women and is regularly being pulled off of or held back by other people to prevent her from continuing to kiss/touch/hug/get up in other people's personal space. If our MC was being cast for a typical college webtoon, she'd be the sterotypical overly-touchy, creepy upperclassman harrassing the freshmen. Yuck. Leave the pervy stuff to the side character antagonists that we're kicking to the curb, not our MC please.  I was confused for a while about who our main couple is because I thought the cover was showing a black-haired female MC and a silver-haired ML, but then in the first chapter, we meet the the silver-haired person from the cover, but they're a woman.....and this wasn't addressed for A WHILE.....anyways, [MAJOR SPOILER] this is a crossdressing/genderbend story where our ML regularly takes a potion to temporarily transform into a woman. This is a trope I normally love, especially since it tends to lead to hilarious misunderstandings. Not going to lie though, I was excited for this to be a GL with two kickass ladies, but it's okay, still liking the hidden identity aspect.   The art is nice, the politics & intrigue are interesting. But at least for now, I am dropping this series since I haven't gotten super invested in the storyline or other characters yet since I was busy feeling uncomfortable with the MC. And I fully admit that I may be just extra sensitive to this due to my personality/past experiences and maybe the MC isn't so bad for anyone else.  Read this completed series on the Pocket Comics app/site - one free chapter every day plus up to two additional chapters if you use your daily gift ticket & complete the daily mission. Support authors on legal sites! ^^

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