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Beauty and the Beasts (Novel)
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May 9, 2022

I started reading the manga and aside from the obvious sexist, racist, and various other discriminatory standards in the story, I found the bones of the story intriguing (falling into new ancient civilization world where there are vague "magic" aspects present in different ways. Cool half animal-half human people with impressive powers). I was curious what happened at the ending, so I decided if I just quickly read the novel I could have my answer and I could try to stomach how incredibly idiotic the mc acts and how absurd it is that she acts like a paper person. Unfortunately, the story only gets worse. Incest, torture, rape being treated as if it wouldn't matter in a society that normalizes sex, rape being treated as normal, women being treated as glass objects incapable of anything on their own and born to be owned, autism being written about in a rather insulting manner, the mc treating her son trying to rape her while pretending to be his father as a "ah, my son seems to have gone down the wrong path" type of calm, women being eaten alive because they're "loved so much", men chopping off their own heads after eating women alive......I honestly feel like if the story ended up being that the mc is secretly a demon that has been pretending to be innocent in order to ruin the world around her and provoke chaos it would make more sense. This whole story is an insult to men, women, and every possible moral standard that exists. NOW, let's ignore that for a minute and say you're just twisted enough to stomach it, the writing itself is full of holes and doesn't capture one's attention well in addition to barely making sense when you consider the world building. I would not recommend this unless you have the desire to lose all your hair by pulling it out. I feel like a piece of my soul has been forever crushed and I didn't even reach the end. Run.

1/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Feb 23, 2022

I would be so glad to know the author/s of this novel. I enjoyed it very much, and I am curious, if this novel is written by a man or woman, or both. It's interesting how female and male viewpoints change over the story, escpecially in themes such as childrearing, sexual life, breasfeeding, child-parent relationship - the spectrum is broad and exciting. This story is not only charming, exciting and hot, it has a lot to do with health promotion, cultural antropology in an excellent, original, effective and modern way. It is far more than a simple story. There are awkward, even shocking parts - you can think about it, why it so awkward (maybe cultural differences?), and parts, when You really can say this is an excellent, breathtaking wrighting. How can parts of the same novel be so different? I think, there should be more than one author, maybe an ethologist couple? Descriptions of animal life and behavior are very accurate. I was especially touched about parts of breastfeeding. In parts of love and sex are a lot of heartwarming scenes, but sometimes it goes overboard, to much in the direction of violence. The dynamics of the reverse harem story i found especially interesting and exciting. My only critic is, that I feel, the autors were gone tired of the story, and finished it to fast. I would like to read more about Parker, Parker's kids, about Winstons kids, and I am curious, why on earth the people never ask, how and why the transmigration took place? What happened with Mitchell, and the children of the FL in the beastworld? There are a lot of storylines to continue the story, and I hope, some day the authors will do this.  

I see from the reviews written, that there are two directions. One can hate it ot love it very much. Interesting, isn't it? Parts I was the most deligthted about (for example Parker helps the FL in breastfeeding problems) got outraged comments. How can breastfeeding be depicted in such a dirty way? - asked one reader. I think, it is the purest, sincerest text I ever read about this topic. And this means a lot.

Whiteheaded dream, I want to know more about You!!! Well done!

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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