Ch: 110+
2019 - ?
3.97 out of 5 from 1,858 votes
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As the last princess of Elpasa, Beatrice could only watch as the Nosteros Empire destroyed her homeland. Now forced to live as a slave in the empire, the former princess adopts the name Chloe to hide her past and start anew. But when Duke Alexander, the very man who destroyed Elpasa and attempted to kill Beatrice, takes notice of Chloe for her intellect and charm, a hide-and-seek romance between a princess in hiding and a wicked duke unfurls.

Source: Tapas

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Please don't listen to the other reviews on here. It really isn't that good of a Manhwa. Story:Bland and pointless would be putting it nicely. This is another one of those Manhwa where its an Isekai only so the author can slap the tag on it and bait people in who like that sort of thing. Its so half-assed its insulting. The FL's past life isn't even mentioned until chapter 4, at which point its literally just "Oh I was a Veternarian, then I died lol". At no point does the author actually try and use her past life as anything but a gimmick and a crutch for the story. No consequences, no comparing past experiences or wants to go/not go back.  Other than that nothing much happens in the story. Its pretty standard with no interesting plot twists or points, but its not unreadable.  Oh and apparently being a Veternarian in her past life means the FL has intricate knowledge on this fantasy world's HUMAN medicine and practices. Does the author even know what a Vet is? If you're gonna use Isekai as a crutch at least make her a doctor in her past life. Art: Nothing special but not too bad either. The main problem is that the Main characters' faces are just awful and way overdone. Like the ML has the most stupid looking ridiculous face i've seen in a Manhwa and the lips are so overdone it looks like he had silicon implants put in. If you can put up with wanting to cringe whenever you see their faces, the art will be fine.Characters: No personality or soul to any of the characters. They are lifeless pallets that pretty much never show any emotional complexity. Hell, the author has to have other characters point out their emotions half the time for you to be able to tell what they're feeling, because you sure as hell can't tell from what they're saying and the art.Overall: Not the worst story in the world, but can't recommend anyone read it. Its simply not a good manhwa and shouldn't be getting such ridiculous praise. 

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