Beast's Storm: Kiss Me Baby!

Alt title: Kedamono Arashi: Kiss Me Baby!

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
4.052 out of 5 from 852 votes
Rank #2,752
Beast's Storm: Kiss Me Baby!

In this world, there are humans without beast ears and humans with beast ears, called Bestia. Dr. Akira Miyaji specializes in treating Bestian patients at the general hospital and is a Bestia himself. Although things started out rough with the hospital's manager, Sougo Kijima, the two managed to find peace and settled down, even starting a family. The Bestia branch of the hospital being understaffed as always, Akira decides to go back to work. Just as he returns to his duties, he learns that a new physician would be sent from the non-eared branch to help Akira with his workload. This is the first time a non-eared human doctor would be assigned to work in the Bestia branch. What will all the patients think? And more importantly, how will Akira handle it all?

Source: futekiya

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