Beast's Storm

Alt title: Kedamono Arashi

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2017 - 2018
4.286 out of 5 from 841 votes
Rank #3,713
Beast's Storm

In this world, there are humans without beast ears and humans with beast ears, called Bestia. Dr. Akira Miyaji specializes in treating Bestian patients and is a Bestia himself. Born to non-eared parents, he has been raised thinking he must suppress his instincts. So when he sees Sougo Kijima, a Bestia who lets his instincts run him wild, there's something that makes the doctor snarl. Sougo Kijima is one of the directors of the hospital where Dr. Miyaji works. And to make matters worse, Kijima has designated Dr. Miyaji specifically to be his practitioner! What is it about him that Miyaji reacts to so much?!

Source: futekiya

Content Warning

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