Beast Master

Vol: 2; Ch: 7
2006 - 2007
4.33 out of 5 from 3,850 votes
Rank #968
Beast Master

Yuiko loves animals, but given the overly-aggressive way she tries to show her love for them, they always run away. One day Yuiko meets a strange boy named Leo who seems to be more beast than human; his fierce eyes frighten everyone away, and he harbors a dark secret: when he's threatened or sees blood, Leo loses control and behaves like a wild animal. Can Yuiko tame this wild beast, or will he run just like all the other animals she loves?

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NicoNicoDesu Jul 18, 2012
Score 4.5/10

The epitome of sexy friendships, "Beast Master" is a short manga which has girls everywhere swooning. Story: Kubozuka Yuiko loves animals, but, unfortunately, suffers from Sakaki ("Azumanga Daioh") syndrome, so animals hate her. The persistent Yuiko won't give up, and she ends up meeting Aoi Leo. Leo is covered in blood and has feral-looking eyes... but Yuiko isn't afraid of him! Well... read more

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ffcfran Oct 15, 2014
Score 10/10

This is the first manga I ever read. No seriously. I read a sample online, I bought and read it like 3 more times over the next couple of weeks then I branched out and became manga obsessed. Now i have a bookshelf. It made that big of an impression. Seriously its sweet and romantic and the characters demand hugs, or at least I felt like hugging them all as I read. It could be that I am a great big sucker but... read more



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