Be King's Daughter Someday

Alt titles: I Became The Emperor’s Daughter One Day, Magical Mate, Mou Tian Chengwei Wang De Nu'er

Ch: 575+
2019 - ?
3.131 out of 5 from 672 votes
Rank #34,611
Be King's Daughter Someday

A car accident sent her to a magical world, and a match made her the princess adopted by the king. Served by thousands of servants, the other princesses live an extravagant and happy life. Why does she have to live in a broken woodshed and be bullied by others? No, she must fight back! Seeing her determination, the icy king smiled and said: "This little loser is somewhat interesting."

Source: Webcomics

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God, this is really bad… figuring out how to break it down is difficult.  A girl is isekai’d as a commoner, who is the chosen one and only hope of the kingdom!  So for drama reasons, the king adopts her and then lets her be abused as a baby and toddler.  Just to give her a ‘tragic backstory’ I’m guessing.  She’s immune to all magic and is obviously OP!  Oh poor, tragic little hidden princess forced to act as a maid, barely three years old, boo hoo.  There’s ‘protecting’ someone, and there’s just being stupid.  This is the latter.   Not that the main character is the only child that gets abused (what does the author think babies are, punching bags??) Just straight up abusing and murdering children for stupid reasons and to create drama.  Every character is mentally impaired, istg, it really says something about the author’s intelligence.   The only positive is the art is decent, but anyone can have decent art on a terrible story if they pay an artist enough to do it.  Besides the disturbing abuse, it’s bland, boring, and annoying, it’s really rough, but I wanted to give it a fair chance before giving it such a negative review and dropping it.  Especially because I love isekai, extra especially when it’s a girl.  I wanted to see if it was going anywhere, if there’d be any plot or point to anything.  If there is, I don’t have the kind of tolerance to get to wherever it will eventually be.  Dropped at chapter 20.

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