Battle Vixens

Alt title: Ikkitousen

Vol: 24; Ch: 187
2000 - 2015
3.375 out of 5 from 362 votes
Rank #11,932
Battle Vixens

Centuries ago, in China's Three Kingdoms Period, many warriors fought in an attempt to unify the country... and failed. Their spirits and destinies came to rest in strange jewels known as magatama, and those who possess the magatama are destined to repeat those destinies. This has continued for eighteen centuries, each time reaching the same gory end; and now, in modern day Japan, it is about to start again. Schools in the Kanto district are at war with each other; their students - driven by the magatama - have become skilled fighters known as 'toushi'. Hakufu Sonsaku, a young girl with a lust for battle, is one such fighter. Will she and the other toushi be able to escape their fates and reach a final conclusion this time around?

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