Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale

Vol: 2; Ch: 19
2003 - 2004
2.521 out of 5 from 205 votes
Rank #37,796
Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale

Makoto Hashimoto is unlucky – so unlucky that she's scared she'll cause her entire class to be nominated for the horrific game The Program, even though all of the participating teams have already been chosen for the year. However, when she and the group embark on a field trip, they soon find themselves in the middle of an even deadlier scenario. Forced to attend 'Defense School', they must survive attacks and the wrath of each other – not to mention the exploding collars around their necks - to graduate. Can Makoto and her classmates survive a day, let alone the time it takes to graduate?

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