Battle in 5 Seconds

Alt titles: Battle in 5 seconds After Meeting, Deatte 5 Byou de Battle

Vol: 17+; Ch: 158+
2015 - ?
4.258 out of 5 from 287 votes
Rank #4,007
Battle in 5 Seconds

Akira Shiroyanagi, a high schooler who loved games and Konpeito, was just going about his everyday life before a mysterious woman calling herself Mion appears. After being forcibly kidnapped by a mysterious organization, Akira, as well as a host of other individuals, are told that they have been chosen as test pilots for various special abilities in an experiment the organization has set up. Akira is determined to win the new "game" he finds himself forced to play, and use his newfound powers to destroy the organization. Armed with a unique ability that nobody would expect, Akira relies on his intelligence to overcome enemies and obstacles in a brand new battle of the brains!

Source: Comikey

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Shiroyanagi Akira is a high schooler who loves games. One day his usual life is no more, no one remembers about his existence, and he now is to take part in a mysterious experiment. What awaits Akira?I failed to enjoy the manga; it just looks too forced and predictable. The protagonist is a smart gamer, who is supposed to have problems with health. After all, what would you expect from a person, who only finds joy in playing games? However, Akira acts like someone, who is in a great physical shape and can outrun whoever he wants, because when a paranoid mummy, that appears out of nowhere, tries to kill him, it looks like a no biggie for Akira. Having finally defeated the steroid mummy, Akira is killed by a loli and is forced to join a mysterious experiment. And the funny thing about it is that Akira immediately decides to destroy the organization responsible for the experiment.And the problem is that he does not even try to find out more about that mysterious organization that ruined his life. He hardly shows any emotions and acts like a 26 years old man, when he is only 16. Indeed, the manga does try to somewhat resemble Hunter x Hunter, however, the difference is obvious. Deatte 5-byou de Battle even fails with its story, with its boring characters and even the concept of superpowers is simply lame. For example, whatever you think Akira’s power is, is his power. You can imagine him being Kirito from Sword Art Online, so he will become one. You can imagine him being a hamburger, so he will become one and you can easily kill him. I do not know.All in all, if you like battle-shounen that pretend to be deep, this might be what you are looking for. Other than that, there is hardly anything unique about this manga. Perhaps, I have been hoping to see something much better than that. So my advice to you is to start reading it, hoping to read just an average manga. That way, you might enjoy it.

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