Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

Alt title: Gunnm: Last Order

Vol: 19; Ch: 129
2000 - 2014
4.228 out of 5 from 521 votes
Rank #1,686
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

How do you define "human"? That is a question that Gally has to answer for herself after she awakens in the sky city of Salem. When she learns that her former enemy Dr. Desty Nova has rebuilt and perfected her body, Gally seeks to find her friend Lou and re-access her own lost memories. But she is confronted with a tragic incident: Desty has revealed the Secret of Salem. At the age of 19, the people of Salem have their brains removed and replaced with computer chips. Learning this, the citizens go mad and begin to riot or commit suicide. Amidst the carnage around her and ghosts from her past, can Gally truly come to terms with herself?

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