Vol: 5; Ch: 93
- 2016
4.587 of 5 from 1,328 votes
Rank #36

Jin has lived a tough life. One of his oldest memories is waking up in the hospital, having received an artificial heart valve, and a glass eye. And as a student, he's relentlessly bullied for his disabilities. But Jin's school life is nothing compared to his home life, where he's raised by his father, a serial killer who targets young women and forces the boy to act as his accomplice. Can Jin do anything to stop his father's reign of terror without becoming the next victim?

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RoyalOss's avatar
RoyalOss Aug 23, 2017
Score 8.5/10

Bastard was an interesting read, I've gone through the entire webcomic in 1 sitting. To write a complete review I did have to include some twists which happen in the first 3 chapters. So, if you truly want to be surprised I suggest those 3 chapters first, those chapters also set up the tone of the fear for a particular person. Plot Meet Jin, a high school outcast. Why? Because of his glass... read more

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DeathSlayer69 Mar 25, 2017
Score 10/10

One of the most amazing stories I have ever read. It certaintly lives up to the genre of "Thriller" and it has great pacing character development and themes throughout, I could not think of a better ending than what the author did, the whole work is simply a masterpeice. 10/10 If you like psychological thriller with deep story telling this is for you. read more



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