Vol: 5; Ch: 93
2014 - 2016
4.639 out of 5 from 5,690 votes
Rank #40

Jin has lived a tough life. One of his oldest memories is waking up in the hospital, having received an artificial heart valve, and a glass eye. And as a student, he's relentlessly bullied for his disabilities. But Jin's school life is nothing compared to his home life, where he's raised by his father, a serial killer who targets young women and forces the boy to act as his accomplice. Can Jin do anything to stop his father's reign of terror without becoming the next victim?

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Bastard was an interesting read, I've gone through the entire webcomic in 1 sitting. To write a complete review I did have to include some twists which happen in the first 3 chapters. So, if you truly want to be surprised I suggest those 3 chapters first, those chapters also set up the tone of the fear for a particular person. Plot Meet Jin, a high school outcast. Why? Because of his glass eye, poor health and lack of social skills. How did that happen? Because his father threw him off the side of a building when he was somewhere around 6 years old. Why did his father do that? Because his father is a cold-blooded serial killer without regard of human life.  Ever since that incident Jin had to live in fear of his father and be his accomplice in serial killings. From luring in woman, to knocking them out so his father could handle the rest. One day Jin got in trouble at school where a bully kicked his ass so hard his heart stopped beating. But thanks to the new transfer student, Kyun, he could live another day. Unfortunately, Kyun is his father’s newest target so Jin wants to make sure Kyun escapes his father’s grasps.  Story What follows is an exciting and thrilling cat and mouse game between Kyun, Jin and his father which will keep you on the edge of your seat. The father is portrayed so diabolical he truly is a living demon. While Jin is hiding Kyun she is able to slowly open his heart so that he wants to stand up against his father and stop the killings. This brings in some comic relief as Jin never learned about sexuality but starts to develop feelings for Kyun. So, in order to stand up against his father Jin will face his bully and ask him for training. Jin however is physically very weak so the story revolves more about his mental growth as his physical growth. Jin has to conquer his own inner demons and be able to stand up against the biggest demon, his father. Turning this into a psychological battle.  Art The art is rather dark so expect but that is to be expecting in such a grim story. The style is nothing special but what did jump out are the scenes with the father. One second he can be the nicest guy in the world and the next image he looks like the devil himself. These terrifying images help you sitting on the edge of your seat as you never know when the father will jump up to catch Kyun and Jin. Characters Jin the outcast, cold and ruthless because of his upbringing but this story displays his maturing through puberty by discovering sexuality and defying his parent to go his own path. He is analytical and a great actor which allows him to avoid his father’s grasps. Follow his struggles about coming to terms with what he has done to mature himself. Kyun is the only downside on the characters, although she is nice and adorable she is your regular female character, the maiden in distress. She will get herself in trouble by ignoring Jin after which Jin has come to rescue her despite being warned.  Jin's father, Dong-Soo, is the prefect villain. Ruthless, terrifying, smart and wealthy. He is able to leave no evidence of his murders and is able to find his prey with the tiniest leads. But what surprised me most was the ending where the author manages to alter your opinions a little bit about Dong-Soo. A little bit though... Manny is the top bully at Jin's school. Despite hanging around with Jin for the wrong reasons he turns around and becomes Jin's first friend. However, he shows you it is hard to change who you are. Even if you are willing to change your environment may make it impossible. Despite being a bully at start you manage to slowly like him after knowing more about him and which makes it interesting to see his rollercoaster like emotional state about his friendship with Jin. Can Jin and Manny truly be friends or is it doomed for failure? Overall Overall this is an exciting thriller which includes some romance. This is a great cat and mouse story where you follow each character’s emotional progression. If you like horror like thrillers where you have to escape from a serial killer you will surely like this story. And else this is still a great psychological story about the maturing of a young boy through puberty.


SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I write the meat of this review, I'd just like to say that I'm about to go full fanboy mode. I'm absolutely in love with this story. So just bare that in mind if my review comes across as over-the-top. Also, I'm aware that my ratings aren't a perfect ten, but the story behind this manga more than makes up for the art and the characters. I'd give it impossible numbers if I could, which is why my overall is still a 10. With that out of the way, let's begin. The story has been done before, but I've never seen it so perfectly executed. You drink in every single ounce that the story has to throw at you, and become so utterly captivated by the story that you forget to even comprehend what you're reading. At the end of every episode, you're left with a serious case of withdrawel, knowing you have to wait another week for your cliffhanger-fueled hangover to finally be satiated, only to be thrown, yet again, another cliffhanger. This story is addiction in the form of pure art. And just when you think you know what's going to happen, you're thrown a loop. The story flips itself on it's head, then back again, over and over, again and again, until you don't know your ups from your diagonals and can't remember what the date is. This story is confusion and horror and love and fury and exhaustion all served beautifully on a platter made from the finest gemstones in the world, prepared by the most talented chefs in the world, Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim. This story has caused me numerous sleepless nights, and I love it for that. Even with all that said, I still believe that I wasn't able to begin to grasp the beauty behind this story. Simply, absolutely phenomenal. But right about here is where I quit fanboying and begin to get a bit more critical. First, artstyle. The artstyle could use a lot of work. It's good for what it is, and it gets everything across. Plus, the dad is perfectly displayed as UTTERLY HORRIFYING. But it's also kind of plain. It's definitely better than I could do, but it's honestly a tad mediocre when compared to most other mangas. The art itself seems like it was perhaps a bit rushed at times, and the colors are VERY dull (but perhaps that's because it's a dark story, and the authors are trying to be symbolic and stuff, but that's 2deep4me right now). As I said, the artstyle is good, but it definitely could use some work, starting with adding a bit more vibrant colors. Now for the characters. The characters could honestly use some work. I feel like Kyun was way too quickly accepting of Jin, showing that she is hasty to make decisions, and I don't like characters that are like that. I get that she loves him and all, but we're talking about Jin being an accessory to murder. But hey, that's just my opinion. She's also very cliche with how she acts, with the tsundere attitude, and how easily she gets flustered over things. She doesn't act very realistically. I really liked Manny, and I liked his nice side, but he was a huge dick in front of his friends. I don't give a flying fuck about reputation, you don't do that to your friend. He's also way too easily manipulated. In the warehouse scene, he played right into Dongsoo's hands, time and time again. Not to mention he stabbed Mandeuk, who was a total badass. I'll never forgive him for that. Then there's Dongsoo. His character is PERFECTLY crafted. Everything about him that you'd expect is there, and it is PERFECT. He has just the right amount of HORRIFYING. He's manipulative, and VERY cunning. He's displayed as a complete demon, which he is. His character is absolutely perfect, no complaints whatsoever. Authors planning on making a story like this need to take some notes about how to make a perfect villian character from this story. Then there's Jin, the MC himself. God, why oh why, did they have to play the DENSE CLICHE? Of all cliches he could've had, you had to make him DENSER THAN A NEUTRON STAR when it came to anything romantic. Jesus fucking Christ, I wanted to curl up in a ball and die when he said he didn't understand anything about sex. I'm just glad he went for it and kissed Kyun, unlike most MC's, who don't have the balls to even hold the girl's hand. So at least they got that right. Then, towards the end, we find out that Jin was actually okay with being a murderer when he was a kid. And that's why I hate and love Dongsoo so much. He warped his child's mind so badly that the kid didn't even know what he was doing was wrong. If his mother hadn't dumped him off the roof, he'd probably still be going about his murdering ways, and probably would've killed Kyun without batting an eye. While his mother's role as a character is very shortlived, I thank her very, very deeply for that. If it wasn't for her, this story would have been extremely dull. Jin himself seems like a pretty cool guy. I feel bad for him being an outcast, and he's rich as fuck, so he has no idea about monetary value and shit like that. He still seems like the type of guy I could get to know. But he also has that dark and demented side, which I also love. He's just the right amount of twisted, all thanks to his father. But he also has his sweet and innocent side. He's also EXTREMELY good at acting. Sorry, DiCaprio, but the Oscar goes to Jin. The kid could lie his way past the best detective and never be discovered. Absolutely, devilishly cunning. So, overall, the characters are decent, but could use some tweaking.  Well, that about wraps up my review. This is my very first review, so don't be too critical on my opinions and views about this. I wrote this in a fanboyish frenzy, but I feel like it came out okay enough to post it. But anyways, thanks for reading!

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